Profitable Advice for Informed Investors

You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong – Warren Buffett

I run an investment advisory that attempts to do the big stuff right for my clients, while avoiding the big errors.

To that end, this firm operates on five principles:
Take the lowest cost route
Diversify the main risks away, while ignoring the smaller risks
Be accountable for returns
Keep the client’s assets in the client’s name for security
Match outcomes with goals
-- Neville Glaser

Latest Updates

NZX leaves Australia for dead

The graph above shows a rare event: The NZ share market outperforming Australia’s by a mile in the past year. And it’s not only Australia: The NZX has outperformed the US Dow Jones as well. The way the comparative charts usually look is that the Dow Jones leads the direction of all mark ...

Gold still glitters

I am no lover of gold investments – shares, bullion and exchange traded funds included - and I am in good company. Warren Buffett for one has been scathing about an asset that gives no returns other than those linked to a change in price of the precious metal. Buffett refers to gold’s l ...