Profitable Advice for Informed Investors

You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong – Warren Buffett

I run an investment advisory that attempts to do the big stuff right for my clients, while avoiding the big errors.

To that end, this firm operates on five principles:
Take the lowest cost route
Diversify the main risks away, while ignoring the smaller risks
Be accountable for returns
Keep the client’s assets in the client’s name for security
Match outcomes with goals
-- Neville Glaser

Latest Updates

NZX gives up its gains

By contrast to the other markets, the NZX (blue) has moved sideways following a sharp correction that started in September. Overseas investors appear to see better prospects overseas – given the expected rise in interest rates in the US – and have withdrawn support.   One way to s ...

NZ home price growth slows down

 Growth in Auckland house values was 13% in November, compared to a year ago, taking the average value for Auckland to $1.05 million. This is the lowest rate of growth since January 2015, we are told, with the slowdown attributed to the introduction of the tighter lending rules.  That the ...